For more than 50 years, NPR has been asking folks to share their dearest and most fundamental beliefs.

Here are mine:

People are complicated. Whether you’ve known them for 50 years or 50 minutes, they will always have something interesting to say if you ask the right questions and are ready to listen.

People can change. Nobody’s doomed to stay the same forever.

Creation is the act of seeing a metaphor and making it come true.

Words matter. When you teach yoga, is it child’s pose, child pose, or pose of a child?

Out of respect for the world’s complexity, I believe that ranges and estimates often outperform fixed goals. But not always:  “A” should be tuned to 440 hertz and sentences should omit needless words.

Empowering people to act for themselves is often more helpful than telling them what to do.

We make only minuscule dents in the universe.  Express as much of this wonderful, crazy experience as you can in the time you have. Amelia Curran asks: “What will you be building when you have to go?”

In a tiny speck, the universe.

We are all moving towards wholeness, folks. Let’s cut each other slack where we can.

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