Can you imagine how it feels to be a piece of content without a category? Lonely, indeed! Now square pegs and uncategorizabilia have a place to call home. Every taxonomy requires an escape hatch, and here’s mine.

I’ve got several projects on the back burner. They include:

  • Thinking Games A set of ideation tools that I’m working on prototyping as a physical game. They include “The Brainstorm Game,” (list a lot of ideas about something),  “The Blind Architect Game” (create new categories from your ideas), “The Wise Buddha game” (describe an idea with fewer words and more zip), and the “‘Thou Goatist Milk-Witted Hornbeast!”‘ game (torpedo an idea with as many fair or unfair criticisms as possible), and more. The name of this game changes each time it’s played depending on the output of the Shakespearean Insult Generator. The games are composeable — they can be sequenced in many different orders — and players will be able to score points a la Boggle. If you’re good at prototyping or designing games, let’s talk! SYPartners’ app Unstuck is similar.

Interested? Contact me.

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