Hi there!

I’m a writer and musician based in Western Massachusetts.  I am joining the Agile Rascals 2019 Florida Tour (for which I am composing, arranging, and performing music) and looking for a job in children’s media and/or musical theater when I return. Recently, I music directed the Lion King Junior at Marin Theater Company, designed science toys for kids at Leapfrog Toys, and worked at the Lawrence Hall of Science writing cool science curriculum for kids.

In my musical life, my show The Last Ibex premiered at Musical Cafe’s 2018 spring showcase…

Unadmissions: A Law School Musical premiered at the Flight Deck Theater in Oakland…

God and Xylophones was performed at Inferno Theater’s Diaspora Festival…


…and I released an EP of kids’ songs:

Please say hi!

If you’re an employer, here’s the official story: I have a BA in cognitive science from Yale and a J.D. from Harvard.  After graduating from law school in 2013, I transitioned into education as a consultant, developing K-6 curriculum for Moondrop Entertainment and NextLesson and e-training for Kixal, leading projects for Launchpad Toys and the Center for Digital Storytelling, and doing consumer insight work for healthcare insight firm Brandwidth Global. Now I’m working at Leapfrog Toys, after being happily ensconced at Lawrence Hall, on the same floor as the chinchillas.

Some of my work is featured here:

And here’s the low-down on Project PenPal, which I worked on with Launchpad Toys:

Right now, I am working on the third draft of a middle-grade fantasy novel with the inspiring guidance of Gabriela Pereira at DIYMFA and writing original songs that mix the whimsy of Raffi with the lyricism of Iron & Wine (Soundcloud, Youtube). Writer-musicians who inspire me include Jennie DorrisJosephine Cameron, and Sandra Boynton.

Some other internet cameos include:

as well as Twitter and Linked-In.

Open-minded, collaborative, interdisciplinary, or just curious?

Please say hi!


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