Instructional and Curriculum Design Portfolio

Aula Education (2020 – present)

As part of a team of learning designers, I helped transform modules for UK-based Coventry University and University of West Scotland, migrating them from Moodle to Aula, a new online platform whose design philosophy prioritises active and social learning. (And yes, I spelled prioritises with an “s” in their honor).

NYC Guitar School (2019 – present)

Songwriting Promo Photo

I created and facilitated curriculum for on-line classes on fingerpicking and songwriting. In addition, I taught private and group classes to musicians of all ages.

Leapfrog Academy (2017)

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I designed digital games for this 3-6-year-old learning platform, including this series of earth science lessons  and this podcast:

Restoration Case Studies and Which Way is Up?  (2016)

Book Cover

Restoration Case Studies is a fifth-grade reference book on food webs and ecosystem restoration efforts, which I authored at Lawrence Hall of Science.  Which Way is Up? is a book about gravity which I co-authored.

Kixal (2015)

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As part of an instructional design team, I helped storyboard and create e-learning videos about the data analysis software ICMA Insights for county managers. I authored short scripts on data analysis and creating and exporting reports.

Multidisciplinary Lessons for the iPad App Drawp for School (2015)

I created 112 lessons in science, math, ELA, and art for use with the iPad app Drawp for School. Here, for example, is a kindergarten science lesson.

Formative Assessments for Drawp for School (2015)

I created formative assessments to complement the lessons I created for the iPad app Drawp for School.

Multidisciplinary Lessons for NextLesson (2015)

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I created multi-disciplinary standards-aligned lessons for NextLesson (more here).

Project PenPal (2014)

Fifth-graders created and exchanged animated science reports using the iPad app Toontastic, in this project I ran with Launchpad Toys. Here is a Connected Classrooms Guide, worksheets by me and graphic design and layout by Hannah Clemmons.

Sound Design E-Learning Presentation (2014)

E-learning version of a presentation I gave to participants in a November 2014 Sound and Storytelling Workshop.

Curricular Kids’ Songs

A selection of original educational songs. If you wish to view them, contact me to request the password.