Instructional and Curriculum Design


Move This World (2021)

Role: Director of Content (Product Manager, Scriptwriter, Editor, Talent Coach…all the hats!)

As Director of Content at Move This World, I was responsible for our entire 2021-22 video curriculum. I scripted 177 PreK-12 videos that integrated arts and SEL, totaling than 13.5 hours of video! Each video matched one of CASEL’s 5 SEL competencies — decision-making, relationship skills, social awareness, self-awareness, and self-management — and taught concrete skills, like expressing emotions or active listening. I also contributed original songs and developmental editing to the PreK-2 Emotion Motion podcast.

Aula Education (2020 – 2021)

Role: Freelance Learning Designer

As part of a team of learning designers, I helped transform modules for UK-based Coventry University and University of West Scotland, migrating them from Moodle to Aula, a new online platform whose design philosophy prioritises active and social learning. (And yes, I spelled prioritises with an “s” in their honor).

NYC Guitar School (2019 – 2021)

Songwriting Promo Photo

Role: Teacher and Curriculum Developer

I created and facilitated curriculum for on-line classes on fingerpicking and songwriting. In addition, I taught private and group classes to musicians of all ages.

Leapfrog Academy (2017)

Screenshot 2017-08-18 06.51.48

Role: Science Learning Designer; Podcast Writer and Host (with light sound design)

I designed digital games for this 3-6-year-old learning platform, including this series of earth science lessons  and this podcast:

Lawrence Hall of Science (2015-6)

Role: Science Curriculum Writer

As a science Learning Designer at Lawrence Hall of Science, I wrote teacher guides, fact-checked simulations, and penned reference books.

The teacher guides were for units on adaptation, plant growth and seed dispersal, and ecosystem and food webs. For the NGSS nerds among you, some of the performance expectations I worked with are:

  • 3-ESS2-1: Helping students to create and interpret charts relating to temperature, wind and precipitation so they can choose an appropriate site for an orangutan reserve.  
  • 3-LS4-2, 3-LS4-3: I worked on a unit about snails (Cepaea nemoralis) and their traits. In the storyline, a storm changed the snails’ environment from green grass to yellow sand, exerting selective pressure on banded snails. The banded snails could no longer hide from predators in their new environment. 
  • 5-LS2-1, 5-LS2-2: I worked on a digital ecosystem model that shows how energy in animals’ food was once energy from the sun. 

Restoration Case Studies is a fifth-grade reference book on food webs and ecosystem restoration efforts, which I authored at Lawrence Hall of Science.  Which Way is Up? is a book about gravity which I co-authored.

Kixal (2015)

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Role: Scriptwriter, Assessment Writer

As part of an instructional design team, I helped storyboard and create e-learning videos about the data analysis software ICMA Insights for county managers. I authored short scripts on data analysis and creating and exporting reports.

Multidisciplinary Lessons for the iPad App Drawp for School (2015)

Role: Curriculum Writer (with light graphic design)

I created 112 lessons in science, math, ELA, and art for use with the iPad app Drawp for School. Here, for example, is a kindergarten science lesson.

Formative Assessments for Drawp for School (2015)

Role: Assessment Writer (with light graphic design)

I created formative assessments to complement the lessons I created for the iPad app Drawp for School.

Multidisciplinary Lessons for NextLesson (2015)

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Role: Curriculum Writer

I created multi-disciplinary standards-aligned lessons for NextLesson (more here).

Project PenPal (2014)

Role: Project Lead

Fifth-graders created and exchanged animated science reports using the iPad app Toontastic, in this project I ran with Launchpad Toys. Here is a Connected Classrooms Guide, worksheets by me and graphic design and layout by Hannah Clemmons.

Sound Design E-Learning Presentation (2014)

Role: Project Lead, Facilitator

E-learning version of a presentation I gave to participants in a November 2014 Sound and Storytelling Workshop.

Curricular Kids’ Songs

Role: Composer / Lyricist

A selection of original educational songs.