Teaching & Learning

I love helping people learn and strengthen their skills. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • In summer 2011, I co-facilitated a session of the Harvard Negotiation Institute.  I helped an international group of business people, lawyers, and judges sharpen their negotiation skills.
  • In spring 2012, I organized the first Harvard-to-Harvard Arts Symposium with Val Heron-Duranti. My peers from Harvard’s schools of law and education shared their passions for paper-making, improvisational dance, data visualization, social change, watercolor art journaling, and much more. T
  • In fall 2012,  as part of “Teaching and Learning,” a flagship course on teaching at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, I taught a series of mini-lessons on songwriting with fourth-graders. Here is a snippet from students’ work (they re-wrote a version of Randy Kaplan’s “Grape Juice song).
  • In fall 2013, I organized a long-distance collaboration between two fifth-grade science classrooms in Ohio and California as part of Project Penpal
  • In fall 2014, I wrote 100+ standards-aligned arts integration lessons plans for Moondrop Entertainment…and discovered an entire sub-genre of Common Core songs on YouTube
Check out these on-going lists of:
I’m grateful for the excellent teachers who’ve inspired me through the years.* You’ve given me lots to ponder! I’ve written about how violating students’ expectations can increase their engagement, and how to challenge some of the assumptions underlying classroom discussion in post-secondary school.
 *That means you, Ms. Rothenberg, Ms. Klass, Ms Scenezy, Mr. Fitz, Ms. Caporello, Ms. Just, Ms. Hwang-Carlos, Mr. Ranen, Mr. Murray, Ms. Duckworth, Mr. Bordone, and Mr. Rubenstein! Thank you! And last but not least, my parents taught me so much. Thanks, Mom and Dad!

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