"Argles!": the story of a new word

It all started with a pair of argyle socks:

The first time I heard the word for this diamond pattern was in high school. Forgive me; I grew up ignorant of fashion and feet.  For about a week afterwards, “Argyles!” became my exclamation of choice for anything new or surprising. “Argyles!” swiftly morphed into the more pronounceable “argles:”

Parents: How was your day today?
Me: Argles… (I’m tired and I don’t want to talk about it).

Imagined little sister: Are we there yet? Are we there yet?
Me: Argles! (You’re so annoying you don’t even know. Just stop)

Mom: I’m feeling under the weather today. Must have come down with a cold.
Me: Argles. (That sucks, doesn’t it?)

 Argles spawned Blargles! (stubbed tow or a surprise jet of cold water in the shower) and Shmargles!? (Really? Again?). It’s the perfect word for the curmudgeon in all of us. Feel free to adopt or create your own variations.

Do you have pet words? What’s their story?

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