Here’s how crazy we are

#1: I’m having so much fun. More on that later.

#2: Tomorrow, they’re singing the Brahms Requiem in Burlington as part of benefit concert for Haiti. A couple of us Northern Harmonies decided to go for the day, even those who’d never heard the piece. So tonight, we played a recording loud from the speakers, followed along a PDF of the score, and sightread the ENTIRE THING in one standing. It was just quartet of us going through all 131 pages of Brahms, and I daresay we did it pretty damn well. After a full day of singing, we were all super warmed up, and each of us could have been a soloist. What a sublime experience – singing around such talented musicians and singing such a major work in the intimacy of a quartet — and this isn’t even the music we’re supposed to be singing. Incredible.

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