On a bloggeroll

Explanation for craziness is, friend Josh-the-weird-one came to Moscow for LA for tourist week. With parents, on mission find Jews and interrogate them. So went to Hillel, talk to teenagers who rule world. Er, international Hillel organization. Talked smilingly in Englishy and I translate for them, get invited to next Sunday make-costume-creative-holiday. Learn new English word: flashMob. I did not think, would learn new English word in Moscow. Many interesting things happen in Moscow, like when I nearly fall in hole with barking dog. But nearly, say I. Ha ha! You laugh at my joke.

Think I, this Josh-the-weird-one now off to Turkmeniwhoknowswhereistan, return triumvirately Sat/Sun for more get-to-getherers. Nice to be Moscow go-to guy! Maybe see Romeo/Juliet, or narrate milleniums of russian history as stroll through krelilin. Evertheless, be it good, perkiness infects me.

3 thoughts on “On a bloggeroll

  1. Hey Joel!I’m so happy you advertised your blog on facebook! These entries are so wonderful to read — so full of joy and creativity! I’m happy to infer that Moscow is treating you so well, and that you’re so happy there, and I’m really looking forward to reading more!

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