Oatmeal Trials

I thought I was being crafty by simmering my oatmeal long enough for the flavors of pears, bananas, raisons, dates, and cardamon to really soak in. Actually this led to a 30-minute job of scraping the pot, in the process of which a chunk of oatmeal slid under my fingernail and refused to wash out. The chunk has now turned blackish; I hope the nail won’t fall off.

All things considered, a nearly ruined pot and a painful nail are worth the knowledge not to overcook oatmeal. And maybe to add the fruit after it’s done? (I think it’s the sugary things like pear pieces that stuck).

Better to learn these things now, when it doesn’t really matter. After all, it’s only a pot.

One thought on “Oatmeal Trials

  1. Add more water, use a lower heat, and stir every couple of minutes. You should be fine. And the cardamom is a great idea.Or boil the cardamom and other spices in water alone for a while, then add the oatmeal.

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