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This summer, I have seen several friends for the first time since high school graduation. What struck me first and most was that their faces had elongated, become sharper and more acute. So H looked less roly-poly and more pointedly mischievous, and E’s eyes looked more grey and more piercing than ever. But if baby fat was lost, a certain sensitivity was gained. H listened better when I rambled, and regarded me more kindly when I made bad puns. Seeing my friends mature in their faces and their manners has made me realize how I have changed, as well.

Having returned from a summer of traveling in Italy, Russia, and Georgia, I have a slicker haircut, a thicker skin, and the impetus to ameliorate my punning. N, who I hadn’t seen for three years, said I was unrecognizable.

He was wrong. I am all for change and development, but not to the point of unrecognizability. In that spirit – after a buying a new cell phone, and a laptop bag, and generally admitting to myself that technology has its use in creating and propagating information, despite how the mountains and waterfalls of Georgia highlighted how much time ticks by in the shadow of a screen – I am starting a blog.

Q: At what temperature do ideas melt?

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