My book

SnowglobeI’m working on a Middle Grade fantasy novel about Alztheimer’s disease, English grammar, and words with silly names like “Scritch” and “Scampersand.” It celebrates the power of creativity to redeem the pain of forgetting.

In a nutshell:

Eleven-year-old Timmy and his Grandpa have always built model railroads together, until signs of Azheimer’s disease threaten to destroy the relationship Timmy loves so much.  Struggling to understand what Alzheimer’s means, Timmy and his sisters create a fantasy world set inside Grandfather’s brain, where a group called the Tome Raiders is intent on destroying Grandpa’s memories. As Timmy and his sisters race to stop the Tome Raiders, and to connect with their Grandfather before it is too late, they discover within themselves the unexpected strength to cope with their Grandfather’s illness.

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