Credit: Lana Palmer

I offer private guitar and voice lessons. Students who take voice lessons with me will learn techniques to:

  • Learn to sing their favorite songs
  • Develop greater confidence in their voice
  • Prepare for an audition
  • Bolster their ability to hold down a part when singing in harmony
  • Access greater resonance for a fuller, richer sound
  • Expand their range
  • Sing both louder and softer while projecting more
  • Convey the meaning and emotion of the words
  • Integrate their chest, middle voice, and head voice so they can maintain a beautiful, even tone throughout their range.


In addition, I help students develop proper posture and breathing to support their sound, release tension that can cramp their singing, hone their musical “ear”. Students can sample different styles (pop, jazz, classic rock, or musical theater) or focus on a particular style of interest.

Private Lesson Rates

  • 30-minute lesson: market rate
  • 45-minute lesson: market rate
  • 60-minute lesson: market rate

Schedule a complimentary 45-minute lesson:

About Joel

Joel sings and composes in the Bay Area. He’s been playing guitar since the age of 7 and singing since the age of 3.

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is that every kid can sing. Kids don’t need to be taught to love music, because each kid already has some song they love, which they’ll blast full-volume in the car or the shower. Furthermore, kids learn naturally all the time. I see myself more as “guide on the side” than as sage on the stage.