Русские Игры (Russian Games)

1. Moscow Metro Racing

In the metro stations here, the escalators down to the platforms are notoriously long. Most Muscovites stand on the right side while descending, chatting or staring deeply into their beloveds’ eye, but some frenzied folk take to the left and gallop. I am one of those. Feet flying, wind whishing, standees overtaken in a blur–there is no more invigorating way to start one’s day. Let the games begin!

2. Blood Test or LSAT?

Sometimes when I am down, I consider if I would rather endure a blood test or the LSAT. Invariably the answer is “No.” This cheers me up.

One thought on “Русские Игры (Russian Games)

  1. I remember those escalators 🙂 Fond memories. I am glad you could gallop!And as for the LSAT, you prevailed! See, earlier Joel? Current Joel is still just as awesome!

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