Joel Knopf 2Hi there!

I’m a curriculum developer, writer and musician based in the Bay Area, and a graduate of Yale University and Harvard Law School.

Please say hi!

Since graduating Harvard Law in 2013, I’ve developed K-6 curriculum for Moondrop Entertainment and e-training for Kixal, led digital storytelling projects for Launchpad Toys and the Center for Digital Storytelling, and done consumer insight work for healthcare insight firm Brandwidth Global.

Some of my work is featured here:

Here’s the low-down on Project PenPal

I am working on the third draft of a middle-grade fantasy novel. I also write original songs that mix the whimsy of Raffi with the lyricism of Iron & Wine (Soundcloud, Youtube). Writer-musicians who inspire me include Jennie DorrisJosephine Cameron, and Sandra Boynton.

Some other internet cameos include:

as well as Twitter and Linked-In.

Open-minded, collaborative, interdisciplinary, or just curious?

Please say hi!

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